State-of-the-Art Technology

Our technology is here to back your business and your needs. You can always rely on reliable web performance, security and the latest technology to scale your business at your pace.

Technology Overview

NGINX Web Server

Built for lightning speed

Retire third-party caching plugins and save money with state-of-the-art caching technology. We utilize NGINX with FastCGI Cache, which beats both LiteSpeed and Apache.

Daily Backups

Never worry about losing hard work

No more data loss – we back up your data daily for up to 90 days. Free of charge! Don’t panic if something goes wrong – restore it easily.

Superfast NVMe SSDs

Don't let slow SSDs fool you

Unlike other hosting providers, we use 100% NVMe SSD storage for all our services. NVMe SSDs are 7x faster than regular SSDs and 25x faster than HDDs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Never worry about hardware failures

By distributing server data across redundant cloud-based servers, your data is always protected against failure and downtime

All the Features and Server Stack

Cloud Performance

Say goodbye to slow websites. Enjoy lightning-fast load times with our exceptional services backed by low-density servers, best-in-class hardware, and a global network of server locations.

We use the latest technological developments, including the renowned NGINX Web Server with FastCGI Caching technology and PHP 8.1, to optimise your website’s performance like never before. In addition, our 100% NVMe storage boosts your website’s speed and responsiveness to new levels.

The fastest built-in Cache

With tuned cache configuration and build-in FastCGI cache, NGINX is the all-in-one solution for website acceleration.

Peace of mind

Forget complex caching configurations and third-party caching plugins and save money with the latest server-side caching technology.

Distributed Cloud Servers

Benefit from a high-performance network with fast connections and low latency, so your pages load even faster for your website visitors.

Global CDN Network

We have partnered with major CDN providers in over 200 cities to ensure that your website loads faster, regardless of where your website visitors are coming from.

Superfast NVMe SSD

Unlike other hosting companies, we only use NVMe SSDs for our services, as they are the new standard and you’ll benefit from up to 300% faster access to your files and databases.

Enhanced Technology

Because NVMe SSDs are more efficient in handling read/write operations, they are more capable of handling peak use times. Don’t let slow SSDs fool you.

Cloud powered by AMD EPYC

AMD EPYC 7000 Series CPUs optimize cloud performance and deliver the consistent peak performance our valued customers demand.

AMD EPYC Performance

AMD EPYC processors dominate industry benchmarks, shattering world records and firmly establishing AMD as the unrivaled leader in performance.


You can count on us to proactively block attacks from the Internet before they have a chance to harm your website.

With our robust arsenal of security measures, including advanced firewall rules, real-time server monitoring around the clock, and state-of-the-art traffic encryption, your website will remain protected from potential threats at all times.

An extra layer of security to keep you secure

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security by adding a second step to the login process. Simply enable two-factor authentication in our customer area or cPanel to create a barrier that prevents unauthorized access to your account. No one can log in without your smartphone.

Utilisation of Docker to protect users from others

Our cloud infrastructure uses Docker, a virtual file system that completely isolates each client’s website, data and processes in a dedicated virtual environment. This helps improve server performance, stability and security.

Stopping attacks before they even happen

Our state-of-the-art technology takes a layered approach to block malicious attacks and anomalous activity, including brute force attacks. With advanced firewall protection based on cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence, we detect emerging threats and provide robust protection that ensures the highest level of security.

Leave Malware Worries Behind: Total Peace of Mind

With a unique approach to proactive defense, we’ve developed technology that detects and blocks malicious executions at runtime. It analyzes the behavior of scripts and stops them before they have a chance to harm your data and website.


We’re always watching out for your site to ensure it’s fast and reliable with proactive monitoring and a premium DNS provider that keeps your site online and running 24/7.

Uncompromising Data Security

Data hosted in the cloud is guaranteed to always be protected from failures. This is achieved by distributing the server data across redundant servers. This way, your data is replicated and stored on multiple servers, ensuring its availability even in the event of a server failure, keeping your website secure and accessible at all times, and providing you with reliable data protection.

Advanced DDoS Protection

At Clouderdale, we take your security seriously. That’s why our global network is equipped with advanced DDoS protection in all our data centres. Free of charge for all our customers.

Real-Time Network Protection

Detect, analyse and block attacks on your server in real time. Attacks are blocked inline and then redistributed via the data centre’s global fibre optic backbone.

Real-time Monitoring of Server Health

Our team constantly monitors the health of our servers in real time. This proactive approach allows us to identify and fix potential problems immediately to ensure optimal performance and stability.

Keep your Business running

With redundant nameservers at several DNS providers as a failover, you no longer run the risk of losing visitors. Premium DNS keeps your website secure and always available.

Faster DNS Performance

Be sure that your website will load quickly – no matter where your visitors are located. Our Premium-DNS network is spread across America, Europe and Asia for increased performance and reliability.

Email Protection & Deliverability

Your emails are always protected thanks to our anti-spam services and SSL encryption. What’s more, your emails always end up in your customer’s inbox.

Enhanced Spam Filter Controls

Take control of your email inbox with our advanced spam filters. Customize settings, process new emails, adjust the spam threshold, and manage whitelist and blacklist settings. Enjoy efficient and effortless email management and keep unwanted spam at bay.

Reliable Email Delivery

By partnering with the most reliable Smarthost Providers, we guarantee delivery of your emails to your customers’ inboxes. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we proactively detect and prevent spam-like trends and suspicious outbound email activity from our mail servers. Rely on our robust measures to ensure successful email delivery every time.

Secure Email Communication

Sending emails with SSL encryption keeps your data confidential and protected from unauthorized access. SSL encryption ensures that third parties can’t decipher the contents of your emails, provides an extra layer of security, and protects your sensitive information from potential threats. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your communications are protected from prying eyes.

Web Development Features

With us you are equipped with the latest versions of the most popular developer software.

We know that many of our customers are also into development and have listed the most popular features below, including PHP, MySQL, Staging and php.ini Manager.

Enjoy multiple versions of PHP

Take full control of your server’s PHP environment with our user-friendly control panel interface. Easily manage and switch between different PHP versions with just a click, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance for your applications. Say goodbye to complex configuration processes and enjoy the flexibility to adapt to your specific PHP requirements at any time.

MySQL: Security and Lightning-Fast Performance

Experience unparalleled security and lightning-fast website performance with MySQL. Our robust security measures ensure your data is protected from hacker attacks, while our optimised database engine delivers lightning-fast website loading speeds.

Experiment in a safe way without affecting your environment

With our powerful staging tool, you can easily test and deploy changes to your website without affecting your production environment. With staging, you can create a copy of your website where you can safely experiment and make updates. This allows you to thoroughly test new features, design changes, or plugins before deploying them to your live site.

php.ini Manager

Optimize your PHP configuration effortlessly with our PHP.ini Manager. Easily add and manage PHP directives based on platform, role, and specific website requirements for enhanced performance.

We've made it easy to start your Cloud Hosting journey

Experience your websites and services faster and more reliably than ever before – with our cloud hosting! Benefit from lightning-fast loading times, state-of-the-art technology and first-class customer service!

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State-of-the-art Cloud Hosting with simple pricing without hidden fees and at fair prices. Choose the plan that suits your needs.


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Cloud Essential

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Cloud Premium

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Cloud Essential

Something big begins in a small way – The perfect plan to host your personal website, blog or club site!

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Cloud Premium

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The perfect plan to host multiple websites, build and run a shop or an e-commerce platform.

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Cloud Professional

Even more storage and resources for your projects? Then this is the right solution for you!

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€227.88/yr. when you renew

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